An Introduction of Sorts

This has been a long time coming

I have flirted with the idea of starting my own blog for a few weeks now, but have lacked the commitment to finally begin. I had to work. I had a book to read. I was about to go out. I was too tired.

And so, here and now on another Saturday night, I still have all of those excuses but now there’s a difference. I’m not buying them anymore. It’s time I got to work on something important to me.

I don’t know how long this will last. I don’t know exactly what it’ll be about but I have some ideas. I hope to share them in time.

But for now, I think it’s time I set some rules:

  • First, I need a routine. I believe motivation will only get you so far. There’s a point where you need to push yourself to do even the things you want to do. I need a plan. I’ll write at least once a week. That’s my start.
  • Second, it’s time for honesty. If I cannot be honest with you, we can’t connect. I can’t grow behind a wall of insecurity and shame. I expect many coming posts to make me uncomfortable or exposed. That’s when I know I’ll be doing this right.
  • Third, to have fun. I will talk about what makes me passionate, in hoping to inspire the passion in anyone who reads this. I might plan things out or I might be spontaneous. Either way, I want to enjoy doing this and I hope, if you read this, you do, too.

I’ll be 23 in a few weeks. My name is Jake. I like people. I like learning about them. I like learning about me. I also love the snow, despite being an average snowboarder best! I’ll be going there in a month’s time. I graduate from my university in a month and a half. I’ll be a mechanical engineer… Maybe.

It’s raining hard tonight, nothing but the sound of raindrops tackering and thwacking away on the roof is breaking the silence. It’s nice actually. When I stop thinking about how I wish I was in the city under multicolored lights and lost in a crescendo of bass and treble and laughter and shouting, the natural relentlessness of water gives way for a thoughtful stillness.

It reminds me that life is happening.

Let’s see where this goes.



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